Total & Permanent Disability – TPD

Have you thought about what would happen to you if you became totally and permanently disabled?

Would you be able to meet your financial commitments and maintain your quality of life?

Total and Permanent Disability Insurance is normally an optional extra cover on a Life Insurance or Trauma Insurance policy and commonly covers against you being permanently unable to work in your chosen occupation.

Jeremy’s Story

Working as an Electrician, Jeremy (35) is involved in a serious car accident on his way home.  The accident causes a major head trauma, leaving him permanently disabled.

Jeremy now suffers from weak limb movements on his right hand side and can no longer continue work as a Electrician.  Living on the third floor in a small block of units, the only access to his unit is via the stairs.  This is not ideal as climbing stairs causes Jeremy great pain.  Once released from hospital, Jeremy makes the decision to look for a unit with ground floor access.  Because he owns his unit, there could be a delay before the sale proceeds can be used to put a deposit on a more suitable apartment. 

Fortunately for Jeremy, he’d thought ahead and taken out TPD cover when he began his Electrician career.

In this case of severe disabilities such as Major Head Trauma, TPD cover will give him the necessary cash when he needs it most.   Provided by CommInsure Claims.

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