Succession Planning

Succession Planning is actually about putting in place a strategic business plan for your business which allows you to outline your business and personal goals.  These goals relate directly to your ability as a business owner to extract the maximum amount of value from your business when you exit, to provide for your retirement planning needs.

If you do not have a strategic approach to business succession planning – any value you have been able to build into your business may well retire when you do!

It is important that a Buy-Sell Agreement or Business Will be set up with legal advice.

How is a Buy-Sell Agreement set up?

  1. The business owners negotiate and agree on
    • the trigger events
    • how the interest in the business will be valued and
    • the respective buy and sell obligations of the business owners should a trigger event occur
  2. A funding plan is established to provide the cash to achieve the financial obligations of the business owners should any of the trigger events occur.
  3. The legal documentation is prepared.

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