Annual Tax Return Checklist


1. Bank Accounts and Term Deposits

  • CSV file of bank data from 1 July to 30 June, plus Bank Statement at 30 June*
  • Term Deposit Statements – confirming name, interest received and balance amounts as at 30 June

*Where we have bank data feeds, only bank statement at 30 June required

2. Share/ Equities:  Financial Year Summary from broker, including:

  • Portfolio balance at 30 June
  • Share Trades
  • Dividend income

3. Managed Funds

  • Annual Taxation Statement
  • Statements confirming any purchases or sales during the financial year
  • Holding Statement confirming number of units held as at 30 June

4. Wrap Account Annual Statement, which includes:

  • Annual Tax Statement
  • Acquisitions/Disposals
  • Portfolio Valuation
  • Cash Transactions

5. Investment Properties

  • Statements from real estate agent, including annual statement
  • Invoices for any expenses not paid by the real estate agent
  • Settlement statement if purchased/ sold during the year
  • Current market valuation

6. Other Investments

  • Confirmation of any other investment purchases/ sales for the financial year
  • Confirmation of any other investments held as at 30 June
  • Loan Agreements, if applicable

7. Other

  • Details of all expenses/payments of the Fund during the financial year
  • Details of any miscellaneous bank deposits
  • Copies of Rollover Benefit Statements, if applicable
  • Confirmation of contributions rec’d, including contribution type and member split
  • Confirmation of pensions paid
  • Life insurance premium notices paid during the year, confirming policy owner, life insured, sum insured, premiums paid
  • Details of any other superannuation or pension accounts currently held
  • Any other relevant details pertaining to the Fund’s accounts and compliance

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