Following the recent Optus cyber attack we thought it important to connect with our clients on a couple of areas. 

  1.  How WE are protecting your data 
  2. What YOU can do to protect yourself online 

    How are we protecting your data 

    You would be happy to know that on top of continuing to implement best-practice cyber security initiatives internally, we have invested in additional cyber intelligence solutions that help reduce the risk of cyber-attacks via early detection of cyber threats. 

    This solution via DarkXposed – Cyber Threat Intelligence, monitors our domains, along with our team members and key suppliers, looking for any credential vulnerabilities that they can find originating from the Dark Web. 

     So, what does this mean for you? 

    John Bellamy of DarkXposed advises that it’s important to understand that hackers may at some point use the credentials – emails, passwords, passports, medicare numbers – that they have gained from the Optus Hack and others like it to compromise and exploit businesses and team members for ransom. We have already seen at least one arrest in Australia of individuals using this data for ransom.  

    What can you do to protect yourself online? 

    We have negotiated with the DarkXposed team to provide all HFB Group clients with the opportunity to claim a complimentary Cyber Threat Report – free, no charge. 

    This initial report will help you and your team identify any credential information DarkXposed can find, that may have been compromised as part of the Optus attack or other cyber-attacks – past and present. 

    You can claim your complimentary report via the following website: 

    Furthermore, DarkXposed have agreed to provide HFB Group Clients with a 20% discount on their premium level services, should you decide to deploy their ongoing 24/7 intelligence services. 

    As always, our HFB team is here to help you – so please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.