New Financial Year Checklist

1. Business Plan

First and foremost – you MUST always be working to a GOAL:

  • Identify where you want “end up” at the end of the coming financial year
  • Review your VISION, MISSION and VALUES
  • Understand your TARGET MARKET
  • Ensure your business has the resources to achieve your GOAL

2.  Strategic Plan

To achieve your GOAL – you will need a strategy (or 2 / 3)

  • Set some specific tasks to help achieve your goal
  • Establish required marketing initiatives
  • Cost out the strategies

3. Organisational Chart

This is a critical document in any business – it helps all people understand their roles and responsibilities, and their lines of reporting and delegation:

  • Who does what
  • Who reports to who
  • Creates a great framework for Employment Contracts and Position Descriptions

4. Financial Budget

  • Month by month
  • Reporting on projected revenues + costs
  • Creates sales targets + cost accountability
  • Should be reviewed and compared ACT v BUD monthly

5. Cash Flow Forecast

  • The cash flow forecast will predict the cash flow impact of the budget you have set
  • Will include items not in your P&L – ie loan repayments, BAS payments etc

6. Leadership Team

  • Appoint a group that can assist you to deliver your Strategies + be held accountable
  • These people will be ALIGNED to your VISION, MISSION and share your
  • These people will be delegated TASKS throughout the year

7. Meeting Schedule

  • You need regular meetings to review status and to “tinker” if necessary
  • Monthly budget meeting – to review actual results
  • Quarterly strategy meetings – to review impact of strategies
  • Annual meeting to set the next year plan

We regularly provide information seminars and networking sessions for local businesses and business people.

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