Providing financial information to clients in a timely and accurate manner might not sound very exciting, but we are good at it, and we enjoy it!

Services / Accounting & Tax

We take the time to understand your business so that we can provide proactive accounting advice. In partnership with you and your team, we will prepare meaningful, accurate and well organised financial records to enable you to make fully informed and confident business decisions, and ensure that your business operations run efficiently.


Our Accountants will go that extra mile for you. We care.

Through innovation we will help you grow and improve your business using our specialist tax skills and commercial knowledge.

We provide a full suite accounting services to small and medium sized businesses, mostly located in the Redlands, including business benchmarking, cash flow forecasts, budget preparations, corporate secretarial services, bank-link and payroll.

The Specifics

Accounting & Tax Services

Tax & compliance

Individual, partnership, company, trust and superannuation fund tax returns and ensuring compliance on your end.


Business Activity statements (BAS)

Cash Flow Forecasts

When you work with us, we’ll help you understand where your cash comes from and where it’s going – so you can plan appropriately for the future and maximise return.

Estate Planning

As Jim Morrison said, “No one here gets out alive”.

When your time comes, you want to ensure that your assets are dealt with in the manner in which you intended.

This is why Estate Planning is so important.

Done properly, Estate Planning is more than just preparing a will. 

At Howe, Ford & Boxer we’ve partnered with reputable firm, McInnes Wilson Lawyers to offer a new breed of multi-disciplinary advice.

As highly experienced accountants, we bring to the table financial insights and taxation expertise that a lawyer alone would not provide.

We complete an in-depth and holistic review of your personal circumstances from a perspective that takes into account all the factors and risks associated in bequeathing your various assets.

We ascertain your personal wishes and we create a comprehensive strategy that minimises the tax implications associated with the transfer of your assets to your loved ones.

Essentially, we become your single point of contact for your Estate Plan.  Then, as your personal and/or financial position changes over time, which it will, we can determine if it has any effect on your Estate Plan and recommend updates accordingly.

If you don’t have an Estate Plan or if you’re concerned the will/plan you have is vulnerable, please give us a call.  We offer a free initial consultation and can often quite quickly ascertain if your arrangement is sufficiently robust.

Business Structuring

We ensure that your business and dealings have the appropriate structures

Business Benchmarking

We can help compare your business against others and the industry, so you can get an indication of where you are performing.

Budget Preparations

It’s important that you budget for your business and understand where money is going. We will sit down with you to help you prepare yearly budgets for your business.

Tax planning advice

By planning in advance, we can make sure that you minimise your tax in the future. We sit down for annual reviews with you on this front.

Other Taxation Matters

General Tax Advice (Fringe benefits tax, GST, Capital gains tax) as well as payroll tax and other tax-related matters – we can handle it all.

Succession Planning

Every business needs to think about what happens next, and what the exit plan is. We are very experienced in this area and can help you plan for the next stage in the business lifecycle, be it sale, family transition, or other.

How Else We Help


Many organisations such as Real Estate Agents, Charities and Solicitors are required to undertake an audit on an annual basis.

We use the latest technology to provide individual assessments, producing comprehensive and robust reports that your stakeholders can have the utmost confidence.

As well as giving you the peace of mind that your accounts are fully compliant with statutory requirements, we can identify strengths and weaknesses in the finances of your business, helping show the way to future success and profitability.

We are also happy to offer due diligence systems reviews and financial consulting advice.

We provide fixed fee quotes on the following auditing services:

  • SMSF
  • Trust account audits- Solicitors and Real Estate Agents
  • Not for Profits- Incorporated Association audits
  • Government Grant Acquittals
  • Shop lease audits
  • Audit Shield Service

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