At HFB Super – we are all about working in the NOW!

Real-time data processing platform

Here at HFB Super, we’re excited to be ‘working in the now’ – it’s an absolutely fantastic way to run your super fund!

With the new real-time data processing platform – we will be regularly processing your fund’s data throughout the year..

To align our billing structure with our regular processing of your Super Fund, the new billing structure will be as follows:

Quarter 2019 Financial Year 2020 Financial Year

September 25%
December 33% 25%
March 33% 25%
June 34% 25%

This does mean the super fund in the FY19 year:

  • is in a transition year – to the new SMSF platform
  • will pay two years of super fund compliance and administration costs – for the 2018 and 2019 financial years – aligning with the work that we have completed.

From FY20 onwards – invoicing will revert to paying one year’s fees each year.

Additional information about our billing structure:

  • We will set your 2019 fee at the same rate as the 2018 invoice (or expected fee, if the work is not yet finalised).
  • Any outlays, such as Actuarial Certificates or additional audit costs, will be charged when we complete the Fund.
  • Additional work, such as consultancy fees, will be invoiced separately.
  • We will issue invoices per the above schedule via email – throughout the year. If you would prefer to have a direct debit facility in place, please contact Alison Pearce on

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