How do I sign a HelloSign document?

1. Select the “Review & Sign” – in the blue box.

The HelloSign experience begins with an email informing you a signature request.

2. A window will open with the documents you need to sign. Select “Get Started”

3. A green box will indicate where your signature is required. There may be multiple places to sign.

Remember, there may be multiple places that require your signature.

4. Create your signature.

Once you have created your signature, you can select “insert”or “insert everywhere”.

If you select “insert” you will be required to scroll through the document and double click on every “click to sign” box to input your signature

5. “Agree” to sign the document.

If you agree to the terms, your document will be complete and you will be directed to the HFB website.

Once your document has been signed, you will receive an email of the executed version of the document to you for your records.

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