It’s winter time and each day seems more cold than the last!

Did you know that you can use Google tools to plan your days to stay safe and healthy during all your activities?

Check Air Quality on Google Maps

Given the increasing pollution, you’d want to check the air quality outdoors.

There is an air quality layer on Google Maps for both Android and iOS. You can check if there is any unusual air quality in the place you’re planning to visit – like unusually smoggy.

Never be disappointed when you go out on a hike again!

Air Quality Layer on Google Maps

The air quality layer on Google Maps can tell you

  • The Air Quality Index (AQI)
  • Air health measure
  • Options for other outdoor activities
  • Last updated time
  • Links to learn more

It also has the option to show COVID19 information, or Bushfire alerts!

How to Activate Air Quality Layer

  • Tap the layer button on the top right corner
  • Select Air Quality under Map details

The Bottom Line

Check the temperature, air quality index, and terrain with Google Maps before you head out for a relaxing trip.

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