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HFB Financial Planning, part of the HFB Group, are specialist advisors who will partner with you to achieve your personal and business financial goals. 

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Partnering with you to achieve success

Financial Advice and Solutions

  • Entity structures (e.g., Trusts/ SMSF’s)
  • Estate planning
  • Financial projections
  • Personal insurances
  • Investment strategies
  • Margin lending
  • Retirement planning
  • Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)
  • Superannuation
  • Finance/leasing structures


We will help you achieve your life-time financial goals.

Whether you’re trying to buy your first home, sell your business, protect your wealth, or make an investment, HFB Financial Planning will help you achieve your financial goals by guiding and coaching at every stage.

Based in Cleveland, our team of experienced financial advisors and planners work to build financial plans that create, grow and protect your wealth.

We keep it personal. With our knowledge, trust and integrity, we will tailor financial planning strategies to help you achieve your life-stage goals.   We are in it for the long term, with you, to help you on your path to financial security.

How we  help

Wealth Creation

The key to Wealth Creation is to have a strategic and financial plan.  There are countless financial strategies out there that may be relevant to your financial circumstances. One of our roles initially is to filter, and combine the most applicable strategies and create your personalised Wealth Creation plan.

Your financial plan is the key to your success therefore, we will:

  • prescribe relevant financial strategies tailored to your personal situation
  • recommend and implement appropriate investment products
  • provide ongoing wealth management services to ensure the products continued suitability.

This service and attention to detail, ultimately result in a solid foundation for the achievement of your financial objectives and wealth creation.

To make an appointment with a Financial Planner to discuss your financial requirements contact us directly on (07) 3286 1322 or email us.

How else we  help


Superannuation is a tax structure for holding investments designed to provide money for your retirement. Most people start superannuation when they start work as their employer usually has to pay contributions. You can choose to top up the funds out of your own pocket.

Your superannuation can grow to be a significant asset over your working life. You benefit from saving regularly over many years, your superannuation fund makes the savings work for you by investing them, and your money is generally taxed more lightly than other forms of investment. Your superannuation fund may also offer life insurance cover, disability insurance and in some cases income protection.

While most people start out in the superannuation fund offered by their employer, you generally have the right to choose to switch to another fund or provide details of an existing Superannuation Fund to your employer.

If you have moved jobs, you may belong to more than one superannuation fund.  It generally saves time and money to keep your superannuation in as few accounts as possible.  If you haven’t kept old statements and can’t remember where all your superannuation is you can go to the Australian Govenment ATO site Super Seeker and seach for any of your lost superannuation.

Australian Govenment – “Understanding your money”

To discuss your superannuation needs including planning for retirement and insurance within Superannuation please contact us directly on (07) 3286 1322 or email us.

A full suite of services


Retirement is a significant life change.  The transition to retirement takes you from your working life to the stage of doing, what you want and when you want in your new life stage, retirement.

People assume that the retirement transition needs little planning because they feel it is an easy transition, a bit like the transition from your working week to the weekend.  For those who are forced to retire then the transition to retirement is more difficult.

Due to the increase in the average life expectancy and forced early retirements, a retiree can expect to live up to 30 more years in retirement, almost one-third of their lifetime.  So you need to plan for your retirement as early as possible.

In your plan, you need to consider both your financial needs and the non-financial. Find activities that provide purpose and meaning to life.

Planning that makes the transition to retirement easier includes:

  • setting a budget for expenses
  • developing an asset allocation strategy for investments
  • determining the withdrawal strategy from you all of  your retirement income streams.

Retirement is one of life’s most difficult transitions, comparable to divorce or death of a spouse. It is a more difficult adjustment than getting married or becoming a parent.

The best way to transition to a meaningful retirement life is to plan for it.

To discuss your Retirement Plan and develop a strategy for the future please contact us directly on (07) 3286 1322 or email us.

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