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Estate Planning

As Jim Morrison said, “No one here gets out alive”.

When your time comes, you want to ensure that your assets are dealt with in the manner in which you intended.

This is why Estate Planning is so important.

Done properly, Estate Planning is more than just preparing a will. 

At Howe, Ford & Boxer we’ve partnered with reputable firm, McInnes Wilson Lawyers to offer a new breed of multi-disciplinary advice.

As highly experienced accountants, we bring to the table financial insights and taxation expertise that a lawyer alone would not provide.

We complete an in-depth and holistic review of your personal circumstances from a perspective that takes into account all the factors and risks associated in bequeathing your various assets.

We ascertain your personal wishes and we create a comprehensive strategy that minimises the tax implications associated with the transfer of your assets to your loved ones.

Essentially, we become your single point of contact for your Estate Plan.  Then, as your personal and/or financial position changes over time, which it will, we can determine if it has any effect on your Estate Plan and recommend updates accordingly.


If you don’t have an Estate Plan or if you’re concerned the will/plan you have is vulnerable, please give us a call.  We offer a free initial consultation and can often quite quickly ascertain if your arrangement is sufficiently robust.

We regularly provide information seminars and networking sessions for local businesses and business people.

All of our seminars are hosted in our office boardroom, and refreshments are provided.