Would you like to reduce the amount time you spend doing data entry so you have more time to spend on your businesss?

Or, would you like to get more real time data from your accounting software?

Well now might be the time to consider one of the many cloud accounting options available – and take advantage of an ever-growing suite of organisational tools and technologies that can reduce the headaches of managing invoices, bills, and receipts – and increase the time you spend pursuing new business opportunities.

What is Cloud-based Softwarcloude?

It is a software as a service (SaaS), and offers users access to technology on a subscription basis, and allows small business owners to access their data anytime, anywhere – using mobile phone, tablet, and computer.

The cloud-based versions functionality is different to a desktop version, however any potential (or perceived) lack of functionality is often made up for in versatility and long-term viability – particularly as software providers phase out the desktop versions, leaving customers with limited or discontinued support.

Is it for you, and what is the next step?

Not sure whether converting to SaaS is right for your business? Give our office a call – we can help guide you.  Whether you have outgrown the capabilities of excel or just have an older desktop accounting package, there are a variety of software solutions to suit your needs. Xero, Intuit Quickbooks and MYOB all have an array of software choices with varying levels of modules and pricing structures.

Discounted Rate & Free Conversion

Our partner pricing on these products also means that we can help you get on your way at a discounted rate, and can often obtain a free conversion from your existing data file. If you would like to have a chat about the software solution most suitable for your business, give Sam a call today!