Better business management

Business Valuation

Establishing a valuation for a business is one of the most important components of the buy/sell process.

If you’re selling and you overprice the business, you may have difficulties attracting a buyer. Equally, you don’t want to let the business go for less than it’s worth in the current market.

Buying / selling businesses is more complex than real estate. Businesses have a number of different facets that need to be considered and many of them are quite challenging to quantify.

Business valuation is not an exact science, and as such you need to have experienced professionals working with you. At HFB, we have many years of experience undertaking business valuations for all types of industries.

When determining what a business is worth we apply industry standard valuation techniques and methodologies. We drill down into the real value of your location, sales, net profit, owner’s salary, staff, goodwill, internet presence, social media, branding, business potential growth and more.

We also consider the impact of external factors on the valuation of the business at a certain point in time. Elements such as the global and Australian economies, cost of raw materials and other products, real estate fluctuations, changes in consumer spending, government legislation and so forth.

We regularly provide information seminars and networking sessions for local businesses and business people.

All of our seminars are hosted in our office boardroom, and refreshments are provided.