Better business management

Business Succession Planning

The process of exiting (or even just reducing your involvement in) your business is likely to be one of the biggest deals of your life.

The most financially successful and seamless outcomes are the result of considered planning and preparation, usually over a period of at least two years.

It’s never too early to begin planning. In fact, some business owners have an idea of their exit strategy before their business is even up and running!

Our recommendation is to begin preparing for your exit event at least two years out. Howe Ford & Boxer has considerable experience preparing business owners for such a transaction. As a minimum, we can insure:

  • You maximise your business value in readiness for that event;
  • You have the right legal documents in place;
  • Your internal processes and procedures are documented;
  • You have a clear, commercially viable organisational chart;
  • Team member engagement policies and documents are available;
  • You have accurate budgets and cash flow forecasts; and
  • There are compelling business and strategic plans in place.

We regularly provide information seminars and networking sessions for local businesses and business people.

All of our seminars are hosted in our office boardroom, and refreshments are provided.