Better business management

Budgeting & Cash Flow


A budget is an excellent way for a business to ascertain its current financial position and document its financial projections for the future.

It will help you to create certainty in your cash flow and keep you on track to meet the financial goals you have set.

HFB can help you to create a realistic and sustainable budget.

  • Timeframe – will it suit your business to budget monthly, quarterly or yearly?
  • Fixed costs – capture all of the fixed expenses such as salaries, rent, insurance, etc.
  • Variable costs – capture all the variable expenses such as utilities, materials, direct staff wages, tax, etc.
  • Income – ascertain the expected business income for the period
  • Actuals – document the actual income and expenses over the budget period
  • Analysis – review the budget throughout the period to ensure the business is sticking to the budget. Ascertain if there is over-spending (and how to reign that in) or under-spending (and where those savings might be best used)


Cash Flow

Maintaining a healthy flow of cash in and out of your business is crucial to your success.  It’s devastating for a business to be doing really well, making lots of sales, but struggling to keep the doors open due to a poorly managed credit policy with customers or inefficiently timed outgoings that drain otherwise healthy bank accounts.

It’s not hard to see how important it is to manage cash flow and the best tool for this job is a Cash Flow Projection.  HFB can build this crucial document for you so that you can:

  • see your likely cash position at any time
  • identify any fluctuations that may lead to potential cash shortages
  • plan for your tax payments
  • plan for any major expenses
  • provide lenders with additional information

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