Key Dates for JobKeeper Payments – 3rd fortnight is due and payable by 10th May

This week is the end of the third dedicated JobKeeper fortnight – so you need to ensure that you have paid your staff a minimum of $1,500 for the 3rd fortnight, before May 10.

As at Sunday 10th May you MUST have PHYSICALLY transferred six (6) payments of at least $750 – or three (3) payments of at least $1,500 – to your nominated employees, to ensure compliance with the JobKeeper payment scheme requirements.

Reminder: The first two fortnights must be physically transferred prior to 8 May.

This scheme is for six months, and to remain compliant with the scheme, you must ensure that you have physically paid all eligible employees at least the minimum amount of $1,500 each dedicated ‘fortnight’. You will not be eligible for the JobKeeper payment if you pay your nominated employee less than $1,500 per fortnight.

The dedicated fortnights set out by the ATO are:

For those of you eligible for the first two fortnights of JobKeeper, you should start to see these payments come through within a week of completing your monthly ATO reporting.