A record net profit of $380,000 was raised to help sick and disadvantaged children! Here’s a special message from our Senior Accountant Jodi and her husband Bill who took part in the adventure…

Hi There!

2018 Variety Jet Trek  up the New South Wales coast from Sydney to Yamba, saw 650 kilometres travelled by the jet skis and 2,350 kilometres by the road crew.

A huge thank you for your generous donations, a record net profit of $380,000 was raised to help sick and disadvantaged children. 

On the water, wild weather (including large swells of up to 4 metres and strong winds) did little to dampen the spirits of the field of 113 skiers.

The jet skis were unloaded off their trailers in a just under an hour each morning, which as you can imagine is a mammoth effort by the organisers.

Here is just a small taste of where your donation has gone. Along the way the Variety Children’s Charity:

  • Donated computers to students without access to the technology 
  • Funded a package of activity classes and equipment for special needs kids
  • Provided specialised wheel chairs and beds to sick children
  • Bought and assembled equipment for a young burns survivor to assist with her long-term recovery.

The gratitude and smiles on the faces of the recipients and their families was priceless. 

Once again, thank you so much for your generous support.

 Bill and Jodi