The changes for 1 July have been many, this can leave you questioning – Did I miss anything???


Here’s the changes in a nutshell for you (some are still to be passed as legislation):


Business owners & individuals

  • GST now applies to digital products & services imported by consumers.
  • Small business $20k instant asset write-off extended until 30 June 2018.
  • Company tax rate reduction to 27.5% for entities with an aggregated turnover of less than $25m (companies with a turnover of less than $10m have been subject to this tax rate since 1 July 2016).
  • Major Bank Levy introduced.
  • 2% temporary debt tax removed from high income earners.
  • Plant & equipment deductions limited for residential property investors.
  • Residential property investors no longer able to claim travel expenses.
  • First home saver superannuation scheme begins.



  • Cap on concessional contributions (before tax) reduces to $25,000 for everyone.
  • Cap on non-concessional contributions (after tax) reduces to $100,000.
  • $1.6 million transfer balance cap limits how much money a member can transfer into or hold in a tax-free pension account. Excess amounts are subject to a transfer balance tax.
  • Threshold to access the tax offset for contributions to a spouse increased to $37,000 (partial offset available up to $40,000).
  • Threshold for low income super tax offset increased to $37,000.
  • The threshold at which high-income earners pay Division 293 tax on their concessionally taxed superannuation contributions reduced to $250,000 (from $300,000).